Lady Gaga likes sex on the beach and she doesn’t mean the randily named alcoholic beverage, either. She is talking about the real thing!

The Mother Monster is on the cover of the nearly-1000 page September Vogue. The image has landed, along with choice quotes. She looks stunning, sporting an amazing, bright mermaid-meets-Victorian-style dress. The issue drops on Aug. 14, so you can read more insightful commentary from Mama Monster then; but for now, you can all sleep soundly knowing she likes to knock boots on the beach.

While we think that all that sand would lead to some discomfort, it’s her footloose and fancy-free nature that comes first. “I’m a complete free spirit, so, even though you don’t see it, I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one’s around,” she said (quotes courtesy of MTV).

Now that we think of it, the former Stefani Germanotta could be speaking metaphorically, meaning she does all kinds of crazy stuff on her own time. She continued, “Or roll into a bar and get f—ed up, and dance with my top off. It’s just that no one ever sees that, because I have great real friends who never let me do it when I would get caught.”

Dancing with her top off, huh? Gaga is a wild child.

She also shared why Fame, her first fragrance, is black. The retail counters are populated by too many celeb scents, so hers needed to stand out. “It must be enticing. You must want to lick and touch and feel it, but the look of it must terrify you,” she said.

Gaga also doesn’t give a you-know-what if you think she is a musical mold breaker, either. She wants her music to move you in other ways. “I don’t really make records for people to listen to and go, ‘Wow, she’s a genius,’” she said. “I’d really like you to order a drink, maybe kiss the person you came with that evening, or rediscover something about your past that makes you feel even more brave.”

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