Lady Gaga‘s appearance on ‘The Simpsons’ season finale airs tonight (May 20.) She penned and performs a song, likely with the help of the show’s crack writing team, that honors little monsters in Springfield and beyond. It’s a little monster ode, one might say.

A new clip from the ep has landed online, featuring Gaga tickling the ivories and singing the song. She wears the hummingbird dress, which cost in the neighborhood of $27,000,000 (according to her accountant and number cruncher) and a dress constructed of her Grammy award statues, too. Not sure how she could play a piano with that “material” digging into her arms, but we’ll suspend disbelief. Plus, she’s Gaga and she’s no mere mortal. She can play piano hands-free if she wants!

Below are the lyrics of the song she penned for the episode, which of course references characters on the show like Disco Stu.

When they’re young, all little monsters learn that they are scary.

Ugly, stupid, shunned by Cupid, overweight and hairy.

But every monster needs to find that secret deep inside

That transforms Dr. Jekyl into sexy Mr. Hyde.

All my monsters are beautiful, discostudiful, squarerootiful, oldcootiful.

Monsters don’t need implants or a b—-in’ monster car,

Monsters only need to love them monsters that they are.

Oh yeah! Gaga, dada, jawa, PEACE, ew.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform ‘Simpsons’ Song