Being a small business owner has to be an incredibly difficult thing these days. You have to deal with the rising costs of practically everything, the widespread labor shortage, fighting the national brands for simple foot traffic, and the like.

And then there are the random things you have to mess with as a small business owner that are just a pile of doggie doo.

Here's an example.

The folks who own AOK Windshields on W Pinhook Rd in Lafayette posted a surveillance video yesterday which shows a shot of their parking lot near a dumpster. The roadway (Pinhook) is in view as well.

In the video, which was from Saturday, March 25 at 3:11 am, a couple of people show up in their parking lot and appear to be in a slightly heated discussion. The man attempts to grab the woman by the arm and she refuses, swinging punches at him several times.

AOK Windshields
AOK Windshields

The apparent argument continues for several seconds as the woman backs up near the building. The man later attempts to grab her by the arm, and she again refuses. However, with one firm grab and pull, the man manages to get her moving.

There was one problem -- the man is going backward and he proceeds to fall...on a stack of windshields. He managed to damage one pretty good (picture in a bit).

First, the surveillance footage from AOK Windshields.

As you can see in the Facebook post, the owners of AOK Windshields are looking for these two "lovebirds." It appears they are just demanding the replacement cost of the damaged windshield.

The damage was pretty significant as you can see in the picture below.

AOK Windshields, Facebook
AOK Windshields, Facebook

We reached out to the owners of the business and they say they have actually identified the woman in the video and have made an attempt to reach her with no reply back yet. They say they have not identified the man, however.

If you can assist these fine business owners with contacting either of these individuals, the number to AOK Windshields is (337) 234-5277, or you can contact the business through their Facebook page.

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