Let me know if you have ever seen a bigger cheese stick, because I haven't.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out this San Antonio Restaurant

Pictured above is the cheese sticks at Parkway Grill in Wichita Falls. For years, I have said these are the biggest cheese sticks in Texas. Sadly to my friends at Parkway Grill. You are at least in second place in this competition because a San Antonio restaurant has the most insane appetizer I have ever seen.

Perfect Tender Hot Chicken and Sports Bar in San Antonio

To my lactose intolerant people, this thing may kill you. They claim to offer the largest cheese stick in Texas and I have personally never seen a bigger one in my life. This makes those cheese sticks you pick up in the frozen food section look like food for ants.

How Much Does the Giant Cheese Stick Cost?

If you just want this ginormous thing, it will cost you $9.99. If you want the app trio pictured above with fried pickles and mushrooms. That will cost you $18.99.

Where is This Place Located?

Check it out at 6565 Babcock Road Suite #9 in San Antonio, Texas. This looks like a new restaurant in Texas officially opening in November of 2023. So probably not a lot of folks outside of San Antonio know about this place. I'm letting you know right now, San Antonio always has some amazing food spots pop up in my algorithm. I guess I have another one to add to the list because I need to try this cheese stick.

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