Our U.S. military service members work hard each day to protect the freedoms that we enjoy each day, and a federal jury has decided that the company 3M put profits over protecting them. That was the general basis of the litigation that was going on and the Monsour Law Firm out of Longview was lead council throughout this huge court case which ended with 3M having to pay a recording breaking $22.5 million dollars.

Theodore Finley served in the U.S. Army between 2006 and 2014 and throughout his years of service he was around loud noises from mortars, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, mechanized vehicles and aircrafts. To combat the noise he was instructed to use 3M earplugs, that didn't do enough to protect his hearing which is why the huge verdict was awarded.

This Was the Eighth Trial to Reach a Verdict Related to 3M Earplugs

This is just one of many verdicts that have come down against 3M earplugs including one just last month that awarded an Army sergeant $13 million for hearing loss. There have been four other cases that handed out a total of $29 million. But three additional cases which juries took the side of 3M and their products.

The breakdown of money on this specific case was $7.5 million dollars to Theodore Finley for compensatory damages, then an additional $15 million dollars in punitive damages.

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What Specific Ear Plugs Caused This Damage

The specific ear plugs that were used that just seemed to not do their job were the 3M CAEv2 ear plugs.

It's good to know that our U.S. service members are being compensated after a company decided to put profits before the safety of these brave men and women.

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