We are deep in summer, and trimming the lawn is a weekly occurrence in Deep East Texas. On the way to work I noticed multiple times that there were lawn clippings in the roadway. Some of these are commercial mower services like in front of Target and Red Lobster in Lufkin. Blowing a ton of grass clippings right near an intersection could be deadly.

Smaller vehicles and motorcycles might not have the weight or down force to effectively brake if they are skidding on lawn clippings. Leaves can be just as bad a grass. Not only can it be bad for other motorists, it can clog up storm drains, and in low lying areas could cause flooding.

You can't leave grass all over the road, because it's basically littering, and would fall under the same penalties. If you are doing it for commercial purposes it could be even worse. The road is not a solid waste dumping site, and grass as soon as you cut it becomes solid waste.

I'm not saying that any officer is going to stop you and give you a ticket for doing it. I hope for some, just the awareness that it's an issue and could hurt others, would be enough to stop leaving grass clippings on the road. Don't think they will just blow away. I've seen damp grass clippings stay in an intersection in Lufkin for at least 2-3 days. If you mow once a week, basically every day there is grass in the roadway, right in front of an intersection.

Your tires don't stop as well on grass, especially on a motorcycle. When a motorcycle hits grass, it's like ice. Inexperienced drivers will most likely drop. Riders have to remember to not slow down, swerve, or stop if you are driving over grass. Picking up these grass clippings might take an extra 5 minutes, but save a life.

Just drive the lawn mower the other way so it blows back into the yard towards the curb. That will keep most of your grass in your yard. It makes great compost and actually helps the grass grow.


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