For 26 years now The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has been doing something very special and awesome for kids that have a life challenge or life altering event happen to them they deal with every day. This special trip known as the Kidd's Kids trip takes place the week before Thanksgiving each year and takes a group of around fifty kids on an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World thanks to the generous support of KiddNation. This trip isn't just for these kids, but for their immediate family too - parents, siblings or in some cases care takers. It is meant for a family to make some special memories with each other along with other families just like them.

We were fortunate enough to be invited into this special group to attend the special Kidd's Kids Send Off party that was held at a Southwest Airlines hangar at Love Field in Dallas. This special trip doesn't start when they get to Disney, it starts the moment they turn their bags over to the Southwest Airlines baggage handlers and continues every single second until they return to get their bags! But the memories they make along the way will live with them forever!

If you feel compelled too, you may make a donation to Kidd's Kids, not just on Kidd's Kids day but anytime online. Thanks to the many generous donors throughout the years that continue to make this trip happen for so many deserving kids.

Thank you from the 2017 class of Kidd's Kids!

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