We all have those beautiful moments that occur every so often. You know what we are talking about, that moment when you feel so overwhelmingly alive. They remind us that no matter how awful everything seems in this wretched world there are still things that can bring a smile to our faces. Here is a list of our life's simple pleasures.

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    Nature's Calling

    Let me explain this one. We have all been there before. Say that you are taking a road trip with a group a friends and you feel the urge. You know that you really have to go but try but, you try to hold it so as not to prolong the trip for everyone. Finally the pain gets so bad you plead with the driver to stop somewhere. The moment when you finally get to a toilet is one of life's simple pleasures.

    Sam Howzit, Flickr
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    A Good Back Scratch

    After a long day at work slumped over a keyboard my lower back and between my shoulder blades are super tense. Sometimes taking a hot shower does the trick but, the greatness of another human's touch is a for sure win. We have 56 different muscles in our backs and they all relax whenever someone gives us a good old fashioned back scratch.

    ndrel.reid, Flickr
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    Walking Through A Forest

    There 2 main rationalizations why we love forests. Reason numbero uno, it smells like heaven Secondly, the thicket gives us a chance to get away to a quite place (except for the sounds of twigs breaking under foot). It gives us time to just think because in our day-to-day interacts we are bombarded with junk noise.

    d o l f i, flickr