Illegal dumping has been a huge problem in East Texas for a long time. With all the rural areas we have in our area, it makes it easy for someone to drive out there under the dark of night and simply throw some big pieces of trash on the side of the road. It makes no sense to me to do this. All that effort to load it, drive to the middle of nowhere, then dump it could have been used to drop it off at a thrift store or simply taken to the dump. Alas, some people just don't have that thought process and think that dumping is easier. A person or persons decided to dump some stuff not on the side of the road, but in a cemetery in Lindale right on top of a grave.

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Illegal Dumping is a Big Problem

A couple of weeks ago, mowing crews cut down the overgrown medians on Highway 69 between Tyler and Lindale. While it looks so much better and I'm glad they did it, one thing that really stood out was the amount of trash that is in those grassy medians. That means that drivers or passengers, or both, were passing through that area and couldn't wait to get home or their next stop to throw out their trash, so they tossed it out the window. That's really sad to have this attitude and is also illegal.

Illegal Dumping in Lindale

Tuesday, November 7, Lindale police went to their Facebook page to post about three incidents of illegal dumping in Lindale. All three incidents occurred in or around the Lindale Cemetery. For those unfamiliar, the Lindale Cemetery sits off of FM 849 on CR 467.

Illegal dumping in the cemetery
Lindale Cemetery - Google Maps

Illegal Dumping Incidents

The cemetery is quite large but is also kind of secluded, so it does make for a target of illegal dumpers. The first incident that occurred was some bags of trash. The second incident occurred on one of the side streets of two chairs being left in the grass.

Illegal dumping in Lindale Cemetery
Lindale PD via Facebook

The third incident was discovered on Tuesday, November 7 where a large dresser was left on top of a gravesite.

Illegal dumping in Lindale Cemetery
Lindale PD via Facebook

Lindale Police Need Your Help

Lindale police are asking if you just happen to recognize the dresser or chairs, or both, and may have an idea of who the items belong to, call them at 903-882-3313.

Dumping like this is illegal. Doing it in a cemetery is illegal and also very disrespectful to the family of the loved one resting there. If you can help, please contact Lindale police.

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