The old "Five Finger Discount". That what some folks would rather use instead of doing the right thing and its sad. Some folks do it out of necessity, some do it out of pure greed, but whatever the reason, its wrong. Besides, who wants to get put on blast like THIS in this day and age.

We take you to Lindale, where police there are looking for a suspect who allegedly made off with some high dollar items at a Lowe's and did it pretty brazenly by the look of things.

Normally I would give you just the facts but for this particular one, let's do a little play by play shall we?

First, we see our suspect walking in with a hand cart and he appears to be asking a store employee for directions to where he can snatch his loot.

Lindale PD

Next, we find our suspect after he's loaded up his items, start to shuffle towards the exit and you can clearly tell he's thinking long and hard about his "plan" as he gets closer.

Lindale PD

Now we find our suspect at the register area and its now or never. His "plan" is to clearly fool the cashier and pretend like he's already brought his item so he can be seen giving a big old Texas "See yall later" with a smile as he walks out.

Lindale Police Facebook

But he's still not scot free yet so you can see him looking HARD at someone, probably the employees, as he is almost to the finish line.

Lindale PD Facebook

Police believe he has ties to the DFW area and describe him as a Black male with tattoos on his arms. If you have any info, please contact Sgt. Carlos Flores at 903-882-3313 or at

Lindale PD Facebook

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