Is 8:30AM too early to bring the party rock? No it ain’t! That’s just what party rockin’ duo LMFAO did this morning (June 29) for the ‘Good Morning America’ Summer Concert Series.

It was a party (rock anthem) in the park on a muggy, almost dangerously humid morning, thanks to oppressive heat and an early thunderstorm, but that didn’t stop the group from shuffling in their animal print pants. It’s NYC, the city that never sleeps, and who better to keep the party going than LMFAO?

Pink, bedazzled bears, afros, loads of shuffling and good times marked the pair’s performance, so it was just another day at the, er, office for LMAO.

We have to wonder — does RedFoo ever have a bad day? He’s always in a good mood, always smiling and always entertaining. During the interview portion, the hosts asked if they are on the same onstage as they are off. “We both sleep in our clothes, since we take a nap and come on stage,” Foo said. Who has time for sleep when party rocking is the priority?

The band performed ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ and the shuffling zebra — easily one of the biggest stars in pop music — made his way to the stage.

LMFAO  then rocked with ‘Sexy and I Know It’ and we all knew what was coming. Since it was so hot, RedFoo had to cool off by stripping down. The vest came off. Sky Blu de-shirted. too, as they wiggled. The perf ended with a dancer breakdancing on his head.

It was amazeballs, to borrow a phrase from Adam Lambert.

The fourth and final song was cut off as it was 9AM! Boo!

Watch LMFAO Perform ‘Party Rock Anthem’

Watch LMFAO Perform ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’

Watch LMFAO Perform ‘Sexy and I Know It’

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