The rush is on for many East Texans to get their vaccinated for COVID-19 and just hours after it was announced that Longview would be a hub for COVID vaccinations in Gregg County, more than 14,000 people got registered and they are now full and no longer accepted appointments for now.

According to KLTV, last night at around 10:00 PM, CHRISTUS officials shared the following statement:

Our apologies. There are no available appointments at this time. Please check back, as additional time slots will be opening soon. We will be updating our schedules daily according to the vaccine supplies we have on hand. All COVID-19 vaccine appointments are being scheduled via our website, and not telephone or during office visits.

But now, according to a press release we received from the City Of Longview this afternoon, even though appointments are full for the next 4 weekends, the State is scheduled to replenish vaccine supply, and additional appointments will be added next Friday, Feb. 5.

The vaccine is free to the public, and an appointment will be required in order to receive the vaccine, which will be administered at the Longview Exhibit Center at the Longview Convention Complex. But since appointments are now full, you'll have to check back regularly to to make an appointment.

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