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Longview parents will soon have more comfort knowing exactly where their children are while aboard a Longview ISD school bus.

A new bus tracking system has been installed on the Longview ISD fleet of more than sixty busses. Students are now being issued new school id's that they will use when entering and exiting a school bus. Once the system is fully operational, when a student gets on or off a bus they will tap their new id badge on a panel by the door letting the system know they are either on or off the bus.

Parents may opt-in to receive a text notification from the new tracking system.

Dr. Wayne Guidry, Assistant Superintendent of Finance says, "text notifications will include the time and location of pickup or drop-off." In addition to text alerts, parents may also monitor the system for any delayed arrival or drop-off, bus changes or if the bus becomes disabled for any reason. Dr. Guidry goes on to say,

It's just part of our ongoing effort to improve student safety, district transparency, and give our families peace of mind that their students are arriving to and from school in a timely manner.'

Many parents are already monitoring their childs' whereabouts with other 'tracking' apps like Life 360, Find My iPhone or other services. So this is another tool for parents from the district. While some welcome this program other parents feel like this student monitoring is going a bit too far. As parents though, the more information you have on where your student is, the more secure you should feel that they are safe.

The Longview ISD school board unanimously approved to spend $37,827 on the systems' contract in July 2021. The district has been working to get everything installed and in place since April of this year. Now that the technology is in place and students are receiving id's, they expect the system to be in full operation by the end of October.

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