If you were a band nerd (I use that term with maximum affection), you're gonna love this!  The Big Green Marching Machine that is the Longview High School marching band has achieved a level of consistent greatness rarely seen.

KLTV reports that the precision performance this group of young men and women delivered at the University Interscholastic League's (UIL) Region 21 Marching Competition at Stephen F. Austin State University captured the school's 70th straight division 1 rating.

If you weren't lucky enough to train and march your high school halftime masters, let me fill you in.  This Texas school has turned out a highly trained cadre of choreographed musicians that just so happened to have brought home a perfect score at the highest level of competition for almost three quarters of a century.  It's what we like to call a "Big Deal" in the band business.

As a former saxophone slinging, counter-marching, former member of the Gladewater Bear Marching Band - I salute you.  It looks like all those long weeks on practicing in the sweltering summer heat have brought home the gold.  Again.

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