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It's a decision we often face several times a day, what are we going to eat? A decision that we make alone, with our significant other, family, or friends, and when we finally decide what we want it's immediately followed up with where are going to eat in Longview, Texas.

But is that place we choose in compliance with local and state health codes? We oftentimes don't think about that and the state of the kitchen, restaurant, and prep area can have a direct impact on our health and lives. If they're not clean and our food isn't prepared in a sanitary condition we could get ill.

The City Of Longview's Environmental Health Department has a team of food establishment inspectors from their Food Service department that goes out and routinely inspects area restaurants and gives them a letter grade based on the inspection. These restaurants may be inspected daily, weekly, quarterly, biannually, or annually and if they have a satisfactory grade then all is good. If there are issues, then the restaurant will have to take immediate action to correct the problem.

Inspectors are looking to make sure food safety and sanitation regulations are being adhered to. That foods are being held at the right temperature and stored properly because if not the public could be negatively affected by the growth of harmful bacteria or other foodborne illnesses.

Thankfully there does not appear to be any Longview restaurants in serious violation of health codes from this previous inspection period, but that doesn't mean they were all perfect some did have issues. Let's take a look at the restaurants that were inspected along with their letter grade.

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