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After spending twelve years in a classroom East Texas high school seniors are looking forward to walking across that stage and receiving their diplomas. Once that diploma is in their hand, they'll be embarking on a new phase of life.

For a lot of graduating seniors, walking across the stage doesn't mean they are through with school quite yet because, for them, that new phase of life involves higher education and this phase is going to be quite spendy too. As they head off to college they know there is tuition, fees, books, housing, living, and dining expenses coming their way quickly. Many have searched for ways to help pay for college through scholarships.

Many Longview area high school seniors submitted a one-page essay to be considered to receive one of the four two-thousand dollar one-time scholarships that Longview's mayor, Mayor Andy Mack, would be handing out. Mayor Mack has been doing this dating back to at least 2017. They had to tell Mayor Mack what it would take for them to succeed in today's world and show an attitude of service to the Longview community.

With graduation day approaching, recipients of the scholarships have been announced. The four students each receiving a one-time $2000 scholarship are:

  • Joshua Sanders - Longview ISD
  • Carolyn Hale - Hallsville IDS
  • Cambrie Salser - Pine Tree ISD
  • Landan Coe - Spring Hill ISD

These four students will be presenting their essays and will be recognized during the Longview City Council meeting scheduled for June 9th. We wish these students and the rest of the Class of 2022 the best as they each begin their own new phase of life and may it be a prosperous one.

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