We Don't Know If This Guy Was Trying To Start His Own Band Or Was Gonna Just Sell The Instruments For Cash, But One Thing Is For Sure, He Got Put On Blast On Facebook For Trying It.

Band equipment can be expensive and its gotta be one of the sickest feelings in the world for a musician or band to have the tools of your craft stolen. Thankfully, one alleged thief from Longview traveled over to Harrison County to try to jack some equipment and got caught.

According to A Post From The Harrison County Sheriff's Office, The Incident Happened On Feb. 8th.

Police were called to the Diana area and took a report where nearly $10,000 in guitars and band equipment were stolen during a residential burglary. The suspect was caught committing the theft on security cameras and the homeowner posted screenshots of the suspect to Facebook.

People in the Diana community quickly identified the suspect.

Harrison County Jail
Harrison County Jail

Harrison County patrol deputies and investigators began working on the details and obtained two arrest warrants for Burglary and Criminal Mischief on 41-year-old Karl Nicolas Chapman. Police were able to find him in the Hallsville area and they took him into custody.

Investigators have recovered most of the stolen equipment and returned it to the owner.

Harrison County Sheriffs Office Facebook
Harrison County Sheriffs Office Facebook

Chapman was released on Wednesday after posting a $13,000 bond according to jail records. The investigation is still ongoing, according to the sheriff’s office. Harrison County Sheriff Fletcher released the following statement thanking the community:

“I want to thank the Ore City and Diana communities for helping us solve this case to hold the suspect accountable and return the property to its rightful owners. We love helping and serving our communities, and we appreciate their continued trust and support.”

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