With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees you know we're in the middle of summer, but looking at the calendar, kids have just three weeks before their back in school. Now most parents will be excited that school will be beginning soon where as the kids are definitely not looking forward to it.

This year my daughter will be going into the third grade and I honestly think she's looking forward to going back to school because I think she's missing her friends, but she probably wouldn't admit it though! With the beginning of school looming in the not too distant future, it got me to thinking about her first day of kindergarten a few years ago.

I was trying to remember my first day of school, but I couldn't because it was too long ago! However, her first day of school is more recent in my memory. She was looking forward to going to school. The night before, she had everything ready. Her clothes were laid out, her backpack packed and all her school supplies were in the paper grocery store bag waiting to be delivered to her classroom.

The morning started off normally, and she was excited. We got in the truck and headed off to school. Once we were in the vicinity of the school, things started going down hill. She got real nervous and all of a sudden didn't want to go. We encouraged her to get out of the truck and we held her hand as we walked down the long sidewalk to the school and then she let go and started crying and ran back toward the truck. That's when it became challenging. I ended up having to carry her to the front door of the school, got her to calm down a bit and dry her eyes and head into the school.

Once inside, she was good and we walked to her classroom and found her little desk, where the teacher had placed her a name tag on her desk to wear. She put that on and seemed fine as we told her we loved her and to have a good day at school.

I think leaving her there in the care of the teacher and the school district was the hardest thing for us as parents to do because she had been with one of us every day of her life so far. My wife and I were a bit nervous but knew she was in a safe place. Upon leaving, we forgot to give the teacher the check for her lunch money 'credit card!' I walked back to the door and got the teacher's attention without her seeing me and gave her the money, but I could see inside the room and there she was in her little desk sitting there like a polite little lady not crying or looking around for us. I felt secure then and that she would have a good day.

She ended up having a great first day of school and has actually liked school every day since then.

Seeing how school is beginning shortly there will be many parents going through the same thing I did three years ago, hang in there because you'll get through it. It will be emotional but worth it.