There was a time many years ago where I started playing pool on a semi-regular basis. I even briefly joined league play. Was I any good? Not really but I had fun playing. That was many, many years ago, however. The other day, I saw my pool stick in it's case in the corner of my closet and thought that it might be cool to get back into it.

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Again, I wasn't very good but it was fun to play and talk trash to the one's who were really good even while they were pocketing every ball before I got a shot in. I know Click's in Tyler was a great place to play, but sadly, they closed down a couple of years ago. Is XLN still open on Front Street in Tyler?

It really didn't matter if I was playing 8 ball or 9 ball, I had a great time. I would have to say that playing 9 ball was a little more fun just because it was a faster paced game. I mean, lining up a combo shot to sink the 9 ball after the break was always great.

8 ball is a little more methodical. You need to make sure as you take down your solid or striped balls to place the cue ball in a spot to get your next shot all while not trapping your self behind your opponents balls.


I will say, it is fascinating to watch the professionals pull off their various trick shots. YouTube is full of videos showcasing this.

Maybe I can get this good after a couple of years playing again. Maybe.

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