We have been told penalties are coming to these city governments or school districts, but it looks like that won't be coming. At least from Governor Greg Abbott or Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Many folks throughout the state of Texas have defied Governor Greg Abbott by making masks mandatory. Whether that be in a school or a government building. Abbott has made it clear that penalties for folks that enforce a mask policy would be coming, looks like nothing is coming, at least not from Greg Abbott or Ken Paxton. That is according to a court filing in Dallas from the Texas Tribune.

It looks like a District Attorney is the only one that can actually prosecute those who are trying to defy the governor's orders. For instance in Texas most populous county, Harris County, their District Attorney has said she doesn’t anticipate enforcing Abbott’s executive order because it’s not a criminal matter, a spokesperson said. Many are also wanting Abbott to make an official public statement.

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He is saying one thing in the courtroom and another to the Texas people when it comes to enforcing these mandates. Attorney General Ken Paxton has said 69 school districts and 10 counties have adopted mask orders. Paxton has also threatened lawsuits, but once again looks like that can only come from a local District Attorney.

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