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For decades now those traveling Texas interstates have sought rest, refuge, restrooms, refreshments and more at Buc-ee's. Travelers countdown to the exit after seeing that familiar beaver on the billboards showing the exit number. Then when that huge beaver in the sky gets in view, you know you'll be able to relieve yourself at the cleanest restrooms in the state of Texas!

Once you make that stop and feel refreshed, fuel up the vehicle at one of the 150 fuel pumps and get filled up on all kinds of snacks and hearty options, the remainder of your trip will be smooth sailing. When traveling east on I-20 right now though, you would have to drive at least eight hours before running into a Buc-ee's in Leeds, Alabama. That's about to change because Ruston, Louisiana is set to receive Louisiana's first Buc-ee's location.

Louisiana Will Get A Buc-ee's

In a joint announcement Monday (January 9th), Ruston, Louisiana economic development leaders made the announcement that they would soon see the $50 million project come to life. Once complete in 2025, this Buc-ee's location will be more than 53,000 square feet, employ at least 200 full-time employees and have around 120 fuel pumps to fill up with construction beginning by the end of the year.

"The economic impact of this development is substantial and something the community will continue to benefit from for years to come," Jade West, economic development director for the city of Ruston, said in a statement released Monday evening. (KALB)

To get an idea of the economic impact on an area, simply look at what's happened in Terrell at the Buc-ee's at I-20 and Spur 557 to US Hwy. 80. Over the last few years this area has exploded with more restaurant options, a retail center, a movie complex, auto dealerships, hotels and more.

Texas Shares Buc-ee's With The Southeast

Travelers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and soon Louisiana, are enjoying the cleanest bathrooms along the interstate along with barbeque and turkey sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, roasted nuts, Beaver nuggets, snacks and picking up all kinds of Buc-ee's souvenirs along the way.

So in 2025, if you're headed to east Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Georgia along I-20 you'll see a familiar yellow beaver in the sky and feel like you're at home in Texas!

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