After a round of target practice on the range at Top Shot Indoor Range & Guns in Longview, I left feeling very confident in my shooting abilities! It's not that often that I get to fire off a couple of rounds with a pistol, but it happened while one afternoon recently while I was at an appearance. While talking with one of the instructors and safety guys at the range, he asked when's the last time I shot and if I felt like firing off a couple of rounds. My reply to him was probably last December at the in-laws property in Brownsboro and sure I'd like to, but I'm not sure what kind of weapon. We own a .22, but it remains locked up most of time and I'm not that good at shooting! I wasn't going into this with the intention of creating an episode of 'Lucky Larry Tries', it just happened organically and it was fun!

Once we were properly equipped with hearing and eye protection, he chose a small handgun and off to the range we went! Once inside I could feel my adrenaline pumping and I was a bit nervous at the same time. The instructor loaded the gun set the target at 10 yards and left me alone! I slowly took aim, fired off five or six rounds and hit the bulleye and red target with all the shots but one! I was feeling confident and impressed with my ability - although I did take my time at aiming! So if someone was charging me in a real life setting it may be a bit different! He asked if I wanted to go again and my reply was sure! Then I turned to the camera and said "I'm shooting for the 7's, the throat area!" That way you could tell where I was shooting so that it just didn't appear random!

With those six rounds, success! All around the 7's! Now here's my confidence talking, watch me take down this target in this edition of Lucky Larry Tries...Target Practice!

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