Another preview clip from Madonna‘s interview with ‘Nightline,’ which airs tonight on ABC at 11:35 PM ET, has surfaced. Interviewer Cynthia McFadden plays a photo/word/memory association game with Madge, displaying famous images from the Material Girl’s notorious career. Fun and fertile source material, right? Uh, not really.  Madonna is serious, glib and not exactly revelatory when she reacts to and speaks about the images in front of her.

While Madonna has written children’s books, is a mother of three and positioning herself as a legit film director, she’s also still the woman who danced her way into our hearts with her punk rock take on Marilyn Monroe, her cone bustiers and her X-rated coffee table book simply titled ‘Sex.’ So why does she come off as totally disinterested in her past? Is she really that committed to the idea that the past is the past? Could be.

When McFadden flashes a photo of a bleached blond Madonna with her first husband, Sean Penn, who also has a similar career trajectory as his ex — having gone from playing quintessential stoner Jeff Spicoli in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ to being a two-time Oscar winner — Madge is polite but withdrawn. She calls Penn a “very talented actor and director.” She also says she remembers the night that paparazzi snapped the photo. “We were walking home from the theater. We did a play together.” Okay, it is romantic that Madge remembered those small details.

A shot of her infamous VMAs smooch with her then heir apparent Britney Spears is shown. Poor Christina Aguilera. No one remember that she also locked lips with Madonna that night, too. “Nice night, good kisser” is how Madge recalled the make out sesh with Brit Brit. She is firm about saying she already did it, so don’t expect a reprise.

We see shots of her children and she is moved by how young her adopted son David looks. Then there is an image of her with her eye to the camera, while shooting her directorial debut ‘W.E.’ She gasps, “Oh God, I look tired.”

Let’s hope the actual interview, especially her commentary on Lady Gaga, is more lively.

Watch Madonna ‘Nightline’ Preview Clip

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