I walk Rose Rudman Park in Tyler at least twice a week with my dog and not once did I consider the thick shrubbery and forest tapestry that lets anyone feel like they’re in their personal fortress of solitude. It’s part of what makes the trail and park so beautiful, but when someone abuses our local parks - say, by exposing himself to women who run these trails - it becomes a place of possible danger.

Yesterday, KETK News reported on an East Texas woman who was subjected to a man exposing himself to her on Tuesday afternoon at Rose Rudman Park.

Here’s what she told East Texas Matters:

"All kinds of things come into your mind, like what if he attacks me?" Shanda York said. "There's nobody out here that's gonna hear me scream."

After the unknown man unbuttoned his pants as she walked by, she realized ahead of her stood heavy woods on both sides of the trail with nowhere to go. According to the report, she took off running until she found a man who walked her to her car. By the way, this good Samaritan reportedly had just helped another woman who came up to him for help after a man exposed himself to her.

Jason Eisenberg
Jason Eisenberg

Shonda’s post has given other runners a chance to speak up about their experiences with similar situations at Rose Rudman and Falkner Park.

Someone suggested that Tyler PD have an officer on a bicycle patrolling the trails every once in a while. That does sound like a great idea.

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