The age old debate from women is that men just whine and moan when they're sick.

Well, it is now proven science that men have the right to lay in bed because they truly are feeling worse than women think.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University collected nasal cells from men and women and infected the cells with "influenza A".

The kicker is that those researchers injected estrogen into some of those same cells.

It was found that the cells that were injected with estrogen reduced the replication of the virus.

In other words, estrogen helped fight off the infection and reduced the symptoms associated with the virus.

It was also notes that testosterone, the male hormone, actually weakens the immune system making it less likely to fight off the virus.

In other words, men feel worse.

In a study from Memorial University of Newfoundland, researcher Kyle Sue found that men have more hospital admissions due to the flu. The death rate from the flu is also higher in men.

The findings in Sue's research also backs up what's stated above, that a man's immune system is weaker simply because of testosterone.

So ladies, if your man is sick, and you think he's complaining and moaning for no reason, he's not. Give him some time to rest and some chicken noodle soup.

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