How many superpowers does Superman have? So many that you could create an entire series of 'Man of Steel' featurettes on the subject and not even begin to get to the bottom of it. Three new videos have arrived online, each highlighting one of the character's powers and showing off a bunch of new footage in the process.

Although shamelessly sponsored by Norton (because someone has to pay for internet viral promotion, we suppose), each of the three featurettes are worth your time. Director Zack Snyder, the producers and cast discuss aspects of Superman's character: his speed, strength and ability to fly. Although the talking heads do a decent job of relaying all of these attributes back to the character's internal motivation and what not, the footage that goes along with their observations is less character driven and more about Superman punching the stuffing out of things. In other words, it's really cool.

We haven't had a great Superman movie in decades, so it's truly exciting to see this 'Man of Steel' in action (especially since the more modern 'Superman Returns' never took real advantage of its hero's incredible powers). 'Man of Steel' needs to be a spectacle and it looks like it's going to deliver when it arrives in theaters on June 14.

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