It's been more than a few years since I've written to Santa with any requests. I felt like 2017, was time to try again.

Above all, I would just like to see a little more love and kindness in the world. I know this reads very, 'Pollyanna,' but I sincerely mean it. It starts within us. I fall prey to the meanness of the world just like everybody else, and there seems to be so much of it.

Almost everyday I see a headline that saddens me. Whether it's people treating each other harshly because race, religion or creed, or someone speaking up about horrors that they have experienced in the past, the negativity can be overwhelming.

It is my hope above all, that despite these terrible things happening in the world, that we can all find a little more, love, laughter and levity.

My Christmas wish list includes some both serious desires and ridiculous wants. I really do want to find the right person help me reach my fitness goals, and know that a carb-free pizza is unlikely to exist in a way that would be as tasty as the carb-loaded one that I love.

If this list makes you smile then I have achieved at least a small part of wish list already. Merry Christmas, and cheers to a kinder and more loving future filled with great joy.


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