I struggle with finding time for some of my favorite creative outlets like painting, so instead I decided to start playing with my make-up. One of my good friends asked me to share my process, so here it is.

Let me start by saying that I'm not an expert or a dermatologist. I don't know how your skin will react to any of these products. The following steps are just my process that I've developed after watching Victoria Jackson VHS tapes about cosmetics as a teen and YouTube tutorials as an adult.

Lindsay Steele Photography
Lindsay Steele Photography
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    Complexion Prep Spray

    I spray it 5-6 times onto my face, before applying moisturizer.

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    My personal favorite is Mary Kay's Timewise. I use Normal/Dry, but they other options for different skin types.

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    Beauty Balm

    I like my beauty balm for a couple of different reasons. It helps even out my skin tone, and it has added SPF for protection.

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    I love this foundation, because it's so light weight. Just one full press of the pump, and you'll have plenty of foundation to lightly cover your face. I apply mine with a brush after the beauty balm, which I apply with my fingers.

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    I sometimes have redness on my chin that I like to hide, so I use this when my chin breaks out. It also helps cover a sun spot on my temple, and any other minor break outs. It's super easy to use, just dot it on and lightly dab the edges to smooth it into your foundation.

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    Foundation Powder

    This powder is actually foundation, but I use it to set my liquid foundation. Neither are heavy, so it still doesn't feel like I'm caking it on. I find that it helps me even my skin tone, before adding color. I like to apply it with the brush, rather than the sponge, so that I don't over apply.

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    The Naked blush palette that I use has a dark blush, highlighter and bronzer. I pick up both the dark and light blushes at the same time with my brush. I make sure the dark side is on the bottom during application to create depth under my cheekbone, and the light is on the apple of the cheek. Then I apply it across my cheek bones in a sweeping motion from the apple of my cheek towards my ear. I use a smaller brush to add just a touch of bronzer in the hollow beneath.

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    Eye Shadow

    I use the original Naked Palette. I apply one of the highlight colors to the inner half of my eyelid, and onto my brow bone. Then I use the "dark horse" shade on the outer half of the lid, applied with the small tip of the brush. I use the larger end to apply the shade "naked" into the crease and blend the darker shade up and out. I also use an angled brush to apply just a small bit of the "buck" shadow to fill in my eye brows.

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    Eye Liner

    My favorite eye liner is the new one from Benefit. I like the new push-up applicator because it gives the appearance of liquid liner, but it applies more like a pencil. The liner is a gel-like consistency, and I prefer to use the brown shade over the black.

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    I use an eye lash curler, and then apply mascara. I like to do one eye, then curl and do the second.

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    I apply a high-lighter under my eyes, and in between my brows and up onto my forehead. I also put a streak down the center of my nose, I think it makes it appear less wide.

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    Lip Color

    I like to use a wine color shade with just a touch of gloss over it. This is Lipstick Queen's "Wine Metal" and Benefit's "Sugar Bomb."

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