Who is ready for Christmas? I'm mentally gearing up for the season, and wanted to share with you some of my favorite holiday things!

If the song is running through your head... these are a few of my favorite things... you're not alone. This a quick Top 10 list of some of my favorite things about the Christmas Season.

Christmas Music

As I work with music everyday, it's probably not surprising to you that adore Christmas music. I've been asking our Alexa device at home to play Holiday music as often as I ask her to play our radio station!



Christmas Shopping

'Tis the season to give! I love gift giving, and shopping for family and friends. While I'm not taking part in a lot of formal exchanges, I love picking up things that are sentimental for loved ones.


Peppermint Bark

I wish I could find this candy year round. I love me some peppermint bark. Ghirardelli makes my favorite, and I have a tendency to gift it as well as sneak some of my own!


Bloody Marys

Okay, so this is one drink that I enjoy year round, but I feel like I can get away with a few more during the holiday season. Especially on a morning following a Holiday party.


Sausage Balls

Could I make these year round? The answer is yes, but I don't. I only enjoy these yummy little guys during the Holiday season. They are not at all healthy, but they are delicious.


Holiday Scented Candles

I love the smell of cinnamon and apples and yummy baked goods that get incorporated to Holiday scented candles. They make me feel nostalgic.


Christmas Lights

Ooooh... Aaaahhhh.... I love the lights. We are fortunate to have Drive-thru parks around East Texas, as well as some neighborhoods that coordinate, and put on beautiful displays each year. I twist my husband's arm each year to grab a warm drink from Starbucks and ride around to look at lights.


Department 56 Snow Village Houses

This one is totally my husband's fault. He and his mom have been collecting Snow Village houses since he was a child, and he pulled me into the fun several years ago. We have an extensive collection of houses, and choose select years to take on the monumental task of displaying them!


Christmas Movies

Thank goodness for cable and Netflix. We can watch Christmas movies over and over, DVR them and stream them to our hearts' content. I love the Christmas cheer of Elf, The Santa Clause, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and so many others!


Trees Without Themes

I've got nothing against the beautiful themed Christmas trees, let me put that out there first. When it comes to what feels like Christmas to me... I love a tree with a myriad of different ornaments. Some handmade by kids at school, mixed with colorful balls of different sizes, ornaments that light up, and others that move. The more meaning and memories the better!


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