Okay, okay! So, it's clear that I need to set an alarm in my phone on Wednesday to make my picks. I missed predicting last night's game, but I can tell you in hindsight I would have been right. I would have chosen the Steeler's at home.

Regardless, I get a miss for last night's game, but the rest are still up to fate. Let me remind you once again that I have no idea what I'm doing picking these games. I get lucky. I don't follow teams closely, or players.

My husband has the Red Zone on at our house every Sunday, and we typically watch Thursday night, Sunday and Monday night... when I say we... I mean it's on at our house in shared space, and I ask a few questions here and there.

Ok, so week 10, here we go...

Sunday, November 11

  • New Orleans Saints at Cinicnatti Bengals - Saints
  • Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns - Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts - Colts
  • Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears - Bears
  • Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs
  • New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans - Patriots
  • Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Redskins
  • Buffalo Bills at New York Jets - Jets
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders - Radiers
  • Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers - Packers
  • Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams - Rams
  • Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles - Cowboys

Monday, November 12

  • New York Giants at San Francisco 49'ers - 49'ers

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