Maroon 5 rocked American Airlines Center last night as they kicked off their world tour in Dallas. Adam Levine and his band mates played hit after hit while fans sang along with every song.

Opening for Maroon 5 was Rozzi Crane, who Adam signed to his record label 222, and Magic! notable for their hit song, 'Rude.'

About 9:15 the house lights dimmed, and the stage was set for Maroon 5 to begin. Smoke began filtering onto the stage, green lights flashed and jungle sounds began carrying through the arena. The fans were primed for 'Animals.'

We weren't disappointed. The set list featured hit after hit, 'One More Night' into 'Stereo Hearts,' 'Harder to Breather,' 'Lucky Strike' and 'Wake Up Call.'

Finally they paused for a breath and welcomed everyone to the first night of the tour, and admitting there could be a few mistakes. '...if we screw up tonight - don't hold it against us, Levine said. 'We're getting our touring legs back.'

They rolled into 'Love Somebody,' followed by 'Maps,' 'Misery' and then the band introductions. Adam Levine remarked that he knew two of his band mates since they were all 11 years old, and others nearly as long. After throwing in that Sam Farrar and he had written 'Sunday Morning' at age 18, they launched into it as well.

The sing along continued with interesting live takes on each song including 'Makes Me Wonder,' and an a capella intro into 'Payphone.' After 'Daylight' the band said goodnight and exited the stage as the lights went dark, but fans knew not to move from their seats.

After a few dark minutes, fans noticed a white piano under a black spot light emerging from beneath the 'v' at the end of the stage catwalk. Soon after, Levine and pianist PJ Morton strolled out to perform 'My Heart is Open,' from their current album.

James Valentine then toted an acoustic guitar down the catwalk, and Levine told the story of how they wrote 'She Will Be Loved' together at the age of 21 before performing the song.

At this point, I moved to a lower section and watched as they invited Rozzi Crane onto the stage and she joined them on 'Moves Like Jagger.' Finally they brought down the house with their current single, 'Sugar.'

The entire production was top notch. I enjoyed every minute of it, and it appeared that everyone else did as well. Fans of all ages were entertained, though I imagine some young fans and parents were surprised at the occasional profanity in songs and in between.

The video contains a hyperlapse of the set change between Rozzi Crane and Magic! followed by 'Rude.' Maroon 5 takes the stage at the 5 minute mark.

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