A casting call is going out for Married At First Sight Houston. According to the forms, If you want to be on the show, filming starts on November 14th. If you are a fan of the show, not only are they casting nearby in Houston, they also recently cast season 11 for a New Orleans show, that will premiere first.

I took a look at the questions on the casting website. After the normal - name, age, height and weight - the questions start getting a little more in-depth than other casting calls. Ancestry, how many kids you want, ethnicity you are comfortable with being matched with, deal breakers and more.

I recently watched season 9 filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina on Netflix. I learned that this show is not something you should sign up for on a whim. If you get selected, you don't much time to prepare.


If you get cast for this show you will be immediately married, with your entire family there, if you chose that. If you don't have your family there, it's usually a red flag. Immediately the person you are marrying will think you aren't going to take the marriage very seriously.

Married At First Sight actually started out as wildly popular show in Denmark. It's like the arranged marriage version of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. In America Season 2-4 all of the couples ended up divorced. Now that they have extended it to more than 3 couples, their contestants have about a 50/50 chance of staying together. In this day and age, it's not a bad average.

The show is on the Lifetime Network now, but you can see season 9 on Netflix. MAFS doesn't really have network loyalty. They started season one on FYI, with a simulcast on sister network A&E.




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