This week’s ‘American Idol‘ mentor Mary J. Blige took to the stage tonight to perform her hit ‘Why.’ All class, dressed in a pants suit and some chunky jewelry, the living legend totally killed it. But were the judges into it?

The Queen of hip-hop soul was backed by a choir, gospel style, making everyone feel like they were in the Church of Mary. Mary proved that she’s still got it, even if her song was a bit shortened due to the fact that Rick Ross wasn’t around to perform his verse. The crowd obviously wasn’t missing him, as they went nuts following the performance.

Unlike the positive reactions from the crowd, the judges actually seemed a little lukewarm on the whole thing. They seemed to only stand reluctantly, as opposed to the massive support they gave to Lauren Alaina. Is it just because they feel like she’s had her time in the spotlight?

For us at PopCrush, this performance will probably stand as one of our favorites from this season of ‘American Idol.’ It seems that Mary can do no wrong.

Watch Mary J. Blige Perform ‘Why’ on ‘American Idol’

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