It is arguably the biggest rivalry in all of college football, Texas Longhorns versus Oklahoma Sooners. Every year, they meet in Dallas and shake the Cotton Bowl to it's core. The game is brutal. The game is huge. The game can split up families for a few hours. The Longhorns biggest supporter is here to hype up each and every fan with his latest video.

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He is an East Texas native, his pride for Texas is never in question, the support for his alma mater is unwavered, he is Matthew McConaughey. This Saturday brings another chapter in the rivalry between the Longhorns and the Sooners at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Half the stadium will be burnt orange, the other half crimson. The hype is always huge for this game and Matthew went to his Facebook page to raise the hype level by 100. Watch it below:

Okay, so more like hype level at 1,000 now.

This game is so big that ESPN's award winning college preview show will be on the State Fair of Texas grounds before the game. Everyone on hand will be waiting to see which mascot head Lee Corso will pick. No matter the pick, it will be equal cheers and boos. For those attending the pregame broadcast, pay attention to this graphic as to where to enter:

College GameDay via Facebook
College GameDay via Facebook

Oh, and by the way, the only correct pick is for the Texas Longhorns. It's going to be a day of "O Who" chants and "OU Sucks." It's going to be a day that Texas brings the hat back to where it belongs. Horns Up! Go Longhorns! Beat those Sooners! Pass me a beer and some nachos, I'm ready to go.

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