The defending NBA-champion Dallas Mavericks never seemed to get any respect last season until the final buzzer sounded on their win over the heavily favored Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. This season hasn’t exactly gone the way the Mavs would hope as a follow-up, but one of the world’s largest brand stuck it to the Mavs right in our backyard.

A friend of mine from high school was having breakfast this morning at McDonald’s on Gentry Parkway in Tyler when he noticed his cup could be considered quite the insult for anyone living in East Texas (or much of Texas, for that matter). This is what he posted on his Facebook:


Seriously? We all remember how the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season ended last year, right?

It can only make you wonder if McDonald’s has it out for the Mavs, or maybe just us Texans who celebrated all night the Mavs became NBA champs.

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