Colter, who is from Mt. Pleasant and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is one of the fifty kids and one of several representing East Texas on this years Kidd's Kids trip. Colter is on the trip along with his little brother and sister and mom and dad! The family answered some questions about the Kidd's Kids trip before leaving for the Kidd's Kids Foundation and where's what they had to say:

For each member of your party (particularly each child), please list their favorite animated Disney character or characters. Are there any special reasons why?

Colter - Planes. Luke - Cars and Planes. Allison - Cinderella, her mothers favorite also.

Which Walt Disney World attractions are members of your party most looking forward to riding?

Safari, Stars Wars, Tea Cups, Dumbo, Epcot Center activities. The Boys love anything history or science related and Allison loves anything princess

Which Walt Disney World Stage shows are members of your party most looking forward to seeing?

Meeting Cinderella and her castle, meeting other princesses, encounter with Kylo Ren.

Do you, your Kidd’s Kid or any other members of your party have a favorite member of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show team? If so, why?

Joey loves Big Al because of his sense of humor.

What do you think the most exciting part of the Kidd’s Kids Trip is going to be and why?

Watching the kids enjoy these amazing experiences. To see them be excited and happy.

What are your Kidd’s Kid’s special interests (for example: science, art, theatre, music)? Does he/she have any special goals?

Science, history, nature hikes. Colter wants to be a doctor to help people.

As a parent, what are some of the things that you are looking forward to seeing your child do while on the Kidd’s Kids trip, and why?

To leave his worries at home and have fun. To not think about if the cancer is going to come back. For the twins to not worry about if mama will be at home or the hospital, or when I will see them again because of long hospital stays.

If your Kidd’s Kid will be on the trip with his/her sibling(s), what are the siblings looking forward to the most? What special things could happen for them?

They are excited about seeing everything and flying in an airplane. They will enjoy getting special attention just like their brother has. They don’t remember a time when he didn’t have cancer.

Are there any attractions/shows that you (as a parent) want to make sure you see?

Cinderella and Joey wants to go to the Food around the World - like a big food court with food from all over

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