They are a part of our family, they're around all the time giving us love and attention, but when our pets go missing its heart-breaking to everyone, because a member of the family is missing.

Thankfully I've never had a pet come up missing or wander off for an extended period of time and had to go through the wondering phase of where they were and if they were ok. With social media today, there's just about a page or site for everything and in the event your pet comes up missing, you might want to check the Facebook page of Lost And Found Cats And Dogs of Tyler, TX. This page is doing what it can to reunite lost pets with their owners in conjunction with Nicholas' Pet Haven Shelter & Dog Park.

Looking through this page, you'll see a mixed bag of lost animals that have been found by others - big dogs, little dogs and cats - and they are being cared for by individuals and shelters throughout Tyler. Although it has Tyler, TX in the page title, there are animals from surrounding cities listed on this site as well.

Hopefully your pet is wearing a collar that identifies you as the owner or they are micro chipped and can be tracked back to you easily, but if there is no identification on them it's going to be harder to find you. Please make sure you pet is always wearing a collar with a name tag and if you ever have a pet come up missing in or around Tyler, this could be the first place you check.

Here are some pets that are looking for their owners now:

Then there are the updates that are the best because the pet has been reunited with its owner!

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