Its been over two months since Texas State student Jason Landry was last seen. His parents hoped he would be home for Christmas, but he never showed. Now the search for Jason is entering a more large-scale phase.

In an update by Texas Search And Rescue (TEXSAR) on Thursday, at the request of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, TEXSAR says it will be conducting a 3-day search consisting of 100 volunteers searching on foot, along with special teams including search and rescue K9's trained in human remains detection, the TEXSAR Mounted Search and Rescue Team, UAV/drones, experts in ground search and rescue, side scan sonar, water search resources, and a helicopter search.

The 21-year-old Texas State University student was last seen on December 13, 2020 as he left his apartment in San Marcos to return home to Missouri City for the holidays. On his way home, it is presumed by investigators that Jason got turned around on his GPS and ended up on a rural road outside of Luling, TX that he was unfamiliar with.

Jason's Nissan Altima was found crashed and abandoned on that road, along with scattered pieces of his clothing. His phone and wallet were left behind inside the car.


TEXSAR originally performed a 9-day search for Jason after his disappeared, but was not able to locate him.

Jason's father Kent has been active in the search for his son since December, and says that his family is being prayed for. In an interview in December, Kent acknowledged the possibility that Jason may not be found alive.

“And if it’s bad news I thought I’d be there before him, but if he’s there to greet me at the pearly gates I’m OK with that," Kent told KHOU. "We will have all eternity to answer all the questions of why this road, why here, why then, what happened, all those questions they don’t mean anything when you think about will your child ever walk through the door again".

As the search continues for Jason Landry, the public is asked to contact Detective Ferry with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office directly at 512-398-6777 ext. 4516 with any information regarding Jason’s disappearance.

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