This headline is getting old, right?

There has been a flurry of card skimmers found in East Texas so far in 2017, and even with a joint investigation with Tyler Police, Smith County Sheriffs and US Secret Service, they are still popping up in Tyler.

KLTV reports that Tyler PD discovered more card skimmers in the city on Thursday - this time at Exxon at Commerce and Loop 323. According to KLTV, more than 12 Tyler gas stations have had pumps with hidden card skimmers discovered.

Just two months ago, the Texas Department of Agriculture issued a statement, asking people to be very cautious when paying at the pump. A lot of these skimmers can pick up your information via Blutetooth so even standing too close could put your information at risk.

Do what I do. Pay inside. There's no risk there!

Suspects were arrested two months ago in association with multiple card skimmers found throughout East Texas.

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