Ok, raise your hands if you’re tired of the cold weather! We’re not out of the woods yet East Texas as we prepare for Round 2 of 'Frozen East Texas' after Monday night.

Mark Scirto from our media partner KLTV says the roads will still be very hazardous during your morning commute on Thursday - at least until the sun starts to melt the ice away from the re-freeze that takes place Wednesday night. We'll get a slight warm up between the low and mid-30’s before the weather dips back into the teens going into Thursday morning.

However, there is good news as warmer temps arrive on Thursday. Going into the weekend, things should be back to normal.  In the meantime, remember the 4 P’s

  • People
  • Pipes
  • Pets
  • Plants

Also, we will be experiencing a wind chill advisory so bundle up and give yourself ample amount of time to arrive to and from your destination.

Jason Eisenberg
Jason Eisenberg

If you need a little pick-me-up, we are less than 65 days until the first day of spring!

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