"Who's coming with me?", the famous line delivered by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire after he scooped his goldfish Flipper up out of the aquarium in a Ziploc baggie. It appears as if more and more Americans are leaving their jobs behind, according to a Labor Department report, it says 2.25 million people quit their jobs in April (a little less than the 4 1/2 year high that was set back in February). As employees are leaving, the hiring rate has also picked up a little too as 4.4 million people found a new or different job in April.

Although the job market is still a bit volatile, more jobs are being added which casts a brighter outlook on the economy. One of the reasons why so many have left their jobs is that they feel confident they can find a new and better work environment within a new job rather quickly. As they leave their job behind it also opens the door for someone that is out looking for work.

Watch the infamous and awkward scene from Jerry Maguire when Jerry announces he's leaving.