It's no surprise that when summer arrives in Dallas, Tyler, Houston and Austin, Texas so will the mosquitoes. Those buzzing, annoying, blood-sucking, welp-causing pests will cause millions of Texans to swat and brush them off like a cow's tail swatting at the biting summer flies.

East Texas experienced some heavy downpours last week causing some minor flooding and it looks like more heavy rainfall is in the forecast for this coming Saturday. With all the rainfall a lot of standing water is left behind in low-lying areas and will remain there for weeks.

In conjunction with warmer temperatures and humidity, that stagnant standing water is a sign that we'll see many more of these unwanted pests.

What US metros have the most mosquitoes?

The pest control company Terminix analyzed its data from last year and produced a list of the top 50 cities with the worst mosquito infestation.  It's no shocker that East Texas appears on the list, but thankfully not as high as some other Texas cities like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

The Tyler-Longview area came in 34th on the list of 50 cities in the US with a mosquito problem. Dallas-Ft. Worth came in 3rd, Houston 7th, San Antonio 15th and Austin was 30th on the list.

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What state has the most mosquitoes?

1. California
2. Texas
3. Florida

States with the least mosquito problem:

1. Maine
2. Idaho
3. Iowa


Protect Yourself From The Mosquitoes:

  • remove all standing water from your property
  • clean and clear out rain gutters
  • change outdoor water sources for animals often
  • trim overgrown vegetation
  • wear loose fitting long sleeves at dawn and dusk
  • wear bug protection that includes DEET

Mosquitoes are often considered the world's deadliest animal because they carry and transmit diseases including West Nile, Zika, and malaria.

Here's a look at the nation's 10 most mosquito-infested cities: (Terminix)

1. Los Angeles, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)
7. Houston, TX
8. Tampa-St Pete, FL
9. Orlando-Daytona, FL
10. San Francisco, CA

Check out the Terminix site for the full list of 50 cities that have a mosquito issue.

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