Let's face it, adulting is expensive. Especially in Texas where the A/C is on A LOT, household repairs can really rack up your monthly bill. So, let's take a look at top repair issues that Texans spend the most on throughout the year.

According to localcashbuyers.com...

#5 Water heater - $900 to $1,800

The average water heater repair expense runs about $1,300 in Texas. These appliances are not known for their longevity, unfortunately, and components can wear out over time through everyday use.

#4 Driveway - $100 to $3,000

Texas soil is hot and dry, two things that concrete driveways do not appreciate. Because of this, driveway repair costs and replacements can reach up to $3,000 for some homes.

#3 Foundation repair - $4,000 to $15,000

Another fun thing that Texas soil does is shrink and expand with the varying seasons. This can be a doozy to your house's foundation. The clay soil that adorns much of Texas can cause between $4,000 and, in extreme cases, $15,000 in repair costs.

#2 Heating and A/C - $4,000 to $9,000

Your home HVAC system can prove to be a fickle foe, especially during the hot Texas summers. Repairs can vary between straightforward solutions to full on complex maintenance. In fact, Dallas homeowners, on average, pay about $6,300 for their HVAC repairs.

#1 Roof - up to $30,000

The coup de grace of Texas household repair expenses happen to be on the house rather than in the house. A variety of threats including high wind and damaging hail can really put Texan's roofs through the ringer. With a whopping $30,000 price tag for some homes, this expense takes the cake for the most expensive household repair in Texas.

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