You might want to check in with your friends in Mount Pleasant today after a resident there just became $3 million richer after taking a chance on a scratch-off ticket.

This is a dream for me guys. Just stopping at a Quik-Stop gas station and running in to buy chips and a Dr. Pepper, and just grabbing a scratch-off on my way out...just to hit it BIG.

That's not necessarily what happened to this person, but they did grab a $250 Million Cash Party ticket from the Mt. Pleasant Travel Center at 2011 N. Jefferson Ave.

According to the Texas Lottery, the winner elected to remain anonymous.

The overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.45, but there's no reason to give up hope just yet. This was just the third of four top prizes to be claimed in the game - so there's still a chance.

So what would you do with your lottery winnings?

Maybe you have your eyes on the most expensive home in Tyler?

This is always a fun question. I have so many dreams - I would want to put my daughter through college, leaving her money to access once she graduates. I'd also buy a home in Kissimmee, Florida to be near my favorite place in the entire world, Walt Disney World Resort.

I'm sure some folks would buy a home for themselves or other members of their family. Whatever you'd decide to do, be smart about it.

Don't do this when you win the lottery.

There ARE things you want to make sure you do, like remain anonymous and get financial advice on how to move forward with your new winnings. But you'll also want to avoid these things:

  1. Forget to sign your ticket: It's not yours until you sign it. Do that first!
  2. Making sudden lifestyle changes: Don't go and quit your job immediately, or buy that ridiculously expensive car. This kind of defeats the purpose of remaining anonymous.
  3. Blow your budget: Most lottery winners go broke - fast. Stay within your means because, let's face it, you still have means.
  4. Invest in everything: Don't be the business backer for any and every idea thinking you will make a return on your money. Anyone can have a big idea when it comes to the person feeding money into it.

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