With so many comedy hits of the past getting supposed follow ups ('Ghostbusters 3,' the 'Twins' sequel 'Triplets') it's no surprise that 'Mrs. Doubtfire 2' is being prepped, with both star Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus set to return for more cross-dressing hijinks.

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who note that 'Elf' scribe David Berenbaum has turned in material that has both Williams and Columbus interested. Fox has been working on a sequel since 2001, when Bonnie Hunt was attached to write the film, but nothing has come close until now.

The first 'Mrs. Doubtfire' came out in 1993 and starred Williams alongside Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan. It was a phenomenon, making nearly $220 Million, which was the year's second highest gross (it was trumped only by 'Jurassic Park'), and was seen as progressive at the time as it ended with Williams not reconciling with his ex-wife, but instead settling for joint custody. The film also allowed for Williams to do funny voices and show that he was a caring, loving father. Though no plot details have been revealed, it seems likely that he would somehow be involved with his grandchildren at this point.

For a point of reference, here's the trailer for the first film, which lays it on thick with the music cues:

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