Saturday night's storm that rolled through portions of East Texas caused quite a bit of damage, and at least one death, as multiple tornadoes touched down. The storm seemed to start around Rusk, moved through Mount Enterprise, a little South of Carthage and into Louisiana. The National Weather Service says that multiple EF-1 and EF-2 tornadoes touched down in Cherokee, Rusk and Panola Counties.

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Saturday night's storm was a surprise to everyone. The first of the storm damage is around the Atoy community in Cherokee County according to KLTV. From there, Rusk County Office of Emergency Management said storm chasers saw a tornado cross Highway 345.

The city of Mount Enterprise took some significant damage as the storm moved through that area. This Facebook Live from Amy Blackwell shows some of the aftermath.

That tornado started in Mount Enterprise and crossed into Panola County reaching EF-2 classification with winds at 115 mph. The tornado lifted around Gary City. A second tornado touched down South of Carthage and stayed on the ground for 17 miles. This tornado was about a mile in width and reached wind speeds of 125 mph, classified as an EF-2. The tornado also killed one person when a pine tree was uprooted and fell on a home.

My girlfriend's uncle lives in Deadwood, about 15 miles East of Carthage and shared these pictures from his property of some damage. Thankfully, there was no damage to his house, just around it.

Stanley Haynes
Stanley Haynes
Stanley Haynes

The same storm produced two other tornadoes as it crossed into Louisiana. Looking on YouTube, two different users caught video of the tornado near Carthage.

YouTube channel, Forecast Lab, showed some of the aftermath from the beginning of the storm outside of Rusk. This survey does not include the areas around Mount Enterprise or Carthage.

Most of the power has been restored in heavily damaged areas as cleanup continues today. If you got any pictures of the damage around your area, feel free to share it through our station app.

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