Not only am I addicted to the SimCity BuildIt app, but now I have two. I realized at some point this weekend that I could download the app to my smart phone and have a second city.

I realize that the addiction has only gotten worse, so instead of fighting it I have just let it take over all of my spare time. I'm seeing less and less of my friends, and I am more and more connected with the needs of my sims. I make sure that my Mayoral approval rating stays in the 90th percentile and higher, so I can claim the maximum amount of taxes daily.

My cities are not only thriving they are actually growing. Why would I want a second city you ask? Isn't that just more responsibility? It is, but I discovered a way to connect them and build supplies and sell them from one city to another. It's a sim life-hack so to speak, and I'm using it to my advantage.

Checkout photos in the gallery below of my growing second city, and soon I'll share update with my original city, or you can look back on my last one here.