Since I was a kid I have loved magicians and the art of illusion!

From the days of Harry Houdini, Penn and Teller, Harry Anderson, and David Blaine, to my favorite magician David Copperfield, my mind has been blown with tricks and illusions that have wowed audiences all over. 

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Never in my life would I have thought that I would come in contact with an actual Mentalist and have a 1 on 1 experience that would leave me guessing “How did that happen?” 

Allow me to share a story about an 'experience' of a lifetime with Mentalist David Magee. 

I had the honor of meeting David with my co-worker Michael from our sister station KNUE and Classic Rock 96.1 at 1836 Texas Kitchen. 


After our introductions, we started to have a general conversation about what he does and he instantly asks me to think of a person who everybody would know dead or alive.

I wrote down the initials “D.C.” and instantly he started to break down the individual I guessed. My eyebrows were raised because there was no way he could have guessed who I was thinking. Needless to say he named Illusionist David Copperfield and my mouth dropped wide open...because that’s whose initials I wrote down. 

The next mind-blowing thing David did was have my hands intertwined with his before taking my glasses and placing them on the table. He then proceeds to FLIP MY GLASSES ON THE TABLE!!!!!! 


Now that my attention is fully on David I asked him when he knew he had this gift.

The gift is I love to entertain.  Remember, I’m always a step ahead! 

David said, "our eyes are like snakes and they follow movement" ...then he picks up a chip and places it in his hand and makes it disappear!  

Then he goes into another illusion by pulling out 4 fifty-cent pieces and placing them inside a shot glass.  David then tells me to inspect the table and the coins and what he did was have 3 of the fifty cent pieces GO THROUGH THE TABLE. If things couldn’t get any crazier, he had me place my left hand out and placed the last fifty-cent piece there and made it disappear.

By this time I am completely blown away as David said the following:

"98 percent of the nerve is in the palm of the hand."   

He asked me if I felt anything, then said the fifty cent piece was behind my watch and low and behold.....IT WAS!


By this time I am completely in awe of David and for his last trick (get it) he pulls out a deck of cards.

David said, "most magicians would tell you to pick a card, but I'm not going to do that.  Instead I'm going to shuffle these cards and you pick one out the deck."

I complied and he did it again and now I have 2 cards...that's when the fun began.

He tells me to go back and forth between the two cards and I stayed with the first one.  He said visualize the color and asked me if the 1st card was a black card, and the 2nd card was a black one. He goes on to ask if the card was a club - which it was - and said "King of Clubs" and he was correct.

The 2nd card was the Ace of spades, but the card wasn't in there, so after another shuffle I picked another card and he said this card is a definite red card and it's a number card. David said give me a fist bump if it's the 9 of Hearts which was right.

Now we are in the final trick and he pulled out some books and I chose one, turned to a page, and picked out a word which I did.


He said, "Shawn, imagine you are walking up to a big black board" and started giving me letters of the word in my head like a game of Wheel of Fortune.

He goes on to mention things about my grandfather and saying things that only I would know and needless to say, the word I picked was "Handkerchief."

David Magee is the TRUTH and he is bringing his 'experience' to Villa Montez for shows in late August and there will be COVID-19 compliance seating for your safety.

You will definitely love the EXPERIENCE!

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