Some new faces have been added and some faces remain the same on the Tyler Dirty Dozen list.

The Tyler Police Department is always on the hunt for individuals who have somehow broken the law and somehow eluded them in their capture. Although these men and women remain at large doesn't mean the police department has given up on them, in many ways it motivates them to track them down and capture them so that they may be placed behind bars, if the law requires, and then add another individual to the list.

With this edition of the Tyler Dirty Dozen, there are some familiar faces and some new and the police department needs your help. If you happen to see these fugitives around town or you know anything about their whereabouts please call the Tyler Police Department. You may call in an anonymous tip to Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903.597.2833 and report their location or call the Tyler Police Department at 903.531.1000. In no way should you try to apprehend these folks, leave that up to the police. In come cases, there could be a reward associated with the arrest of these individuals.

Here are the latest faces populating the Tyler Dirty Dozen list:

The featured individuals above have been posted on the Tyler Police Department website.

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