There will be a lot of people in Tyler, Texas and all-over East Texas that have heard about Tyler’s Putt-Putt Golf Games, but we hadn’t heard a final day they would be open, until now. Over this past weekend my wife and I had some free time and stopped by to play a short round of 18 and found out the final day is much closer than any of us want. 

Putt-Putt Golf Tyler, TX

When Is the Final Day for the Putt-Putt in Tyler? 

It’s crazy to think that Putt-Putt Golf Games has been around for more than 60 years and will be closing for good after Sunday, April 21st. So, if you have any free time and the weather is looking nice, you should try to squeeze in another game or two before we no longer have the chance to play putt-putt outside in Tyler. 

How Much to Play Putt-Putt Before They Shut Down? 

When we played our round on Saturday it was $9 for 18 holes, or $15 for two rounds of 18 holes. There are two 18-hole courses at the putt-putt facility located on E Southeast Loop 323 in Tyler. While I only played one on Saturday, it was so much fun! 

Don’t Miss Out on Putt-Putt in Tyler 

You have very little time to get in a little more putt-putt golf in Tyler before it’s gone for good as the land has already been sold and will be turned into a hotel. So, invite your friends to play some putt-putt so you can get bragging rights once and for all.  

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